Antibiotic use in supermarket supply chains

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Ask supermarkets to ensure responsible antibiotic use for all products

Supermarket aisle

UK supermarkets can influence the global food system and they must do more protect our most vital medicines.

Our new survey finds that supermarkets have rules in place to ensure responsible antibiotic use in some supply chains, but these policies don’t cover the full range of animal produce they sell.

Please take action today: Ask supermarkets to ensure responsible antibiotic use for ALL products.

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All ten of the biggest UK supermarkets have commitments to source animal products from farms that don't use antibiotics irresponsibly. However, these commitments usually only cover their own-brand ranges and frequently only that which is of UK origin.

Given that, on average, 41% of supermarkets’ sales in the UK are own-brand goods, this leaves a lot of products and ingredients outside the scope of their antibiotic policies. And in 2019, the UK imported £6.6bn worth of meat and £3.3 worth of dairy and eggs, an unknown quantity of which ended up on supermarket shelves.

The UK’s supermarkets must ensure there’s no misuse of antibiotics behind any product they sell – regardless of its brand or country of origin. Please tell supermarkets to do more to protect our vital medicines.

With new trade deals potentially bringing new products into the UK over the next few years, it’s more important than ever that our supermarkets have zero tolerance on antibiotic misuse. Please help show them that their customers care about this, for the sake of animal welfare and our health.

Alliance to save our antibiotics

To: CEOs of Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, ask you to take responsibility for ensuring the appropriate use of antibiotics for ALL animal products sold in your stores. We ask that you:

Expand the scope of your antibiotics policies to cover all animal products, regardless of country of origin or product line;

Only sell branded products that have been produced with the responsible use of antibiotics.

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This campaign is run by The Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics which is made up of 65 supporting members which represent a further 500+ organisations. Our members span a wide range of medical, health, agricultural, environmental, consumer and animal welfare sectors from across the EU.